Lifetime Mortgages with Bower Private Clients

Welcome to Bower Private Clients – Specialist in personalised retirement lending solutions dedicated to high net worth individuals.

Our first-class, personalised service will enable you to convert your housing wealth into tangible, tax-free cash without the need to sell your home or make monthly repayments.

As a customer of Bower Private Clients you will be afforded access to bespoke terms and products, specialist underwriting and a dedicated Private Client Adviser who will take care of everything for you throughout the process.

Accessing property wealth is an important way by which you can maintain or improve your lifestyle. If you own your own property, are aged 55 or over and would like to utilise your housing wealth to provide additional capital or income, equity release could help.

The lifetime mortgage is a specialist lending product that enables you to release tax-free cash from the equity locked in the value of your home.

There is no requirement to make any monthly repayments for the life of your plan and you will still retain complete ownership of your property.

How much could I unlock?

The equity in your home is calculated by taking the value of your property and deducting any mortgages or secured loans you have against it.

For example, if your property is valued at:

£1,000,000 with no mortgage or debt

      • – Your equity = £1,000,000
      • £1,000,000 with £110,000 left to pay on your mortgage
        – Your equity = £890,000


Need to know

    • The amount you can release from your total equity is based on your age, health and property value.
    • The money you release is tax-free and yours to spend however you choose.
    • You could unlock a larger percentage of your property if you have certain health conditions or if you have a history of smoking, for example.
    • There are no repayments to make as the interest that accrues over the life of your plan is added to the amount that you owe. Typically, the capital and interest is only repayable when the plan comes to an end – usually when you pass away or move into long-term care.
    • There are a number of flexible new plans that allow you to make repayments if you wish to reduce or prevent interest from accruing. There are also plans that allow you to repay the loan after a certain number of years without incurring early repayment charges.
    • A lifetime mortgage can be utilised in Inheritance Tax Planning, and may reduce the value of your estate, something your Private Client Adviser will be able to explain to you fully during your consultation.

Meet your Private Client Adviser

By becoming a Bower Private Client, we can discreetly and professionally assist you in accessing your housing wealth in the form of tax-free funds paid directly to you.

We recommend you book a free, no-obligation consultation with your Private Client Adviser to find out how much you could release and how our bespoke terms and products can be tailored to your financial goals.

During this consultation, which takes place in the comfort of your own home, your adviser will be able to answer any questions you may have and discuss all your financial options with you.

In addition, they will explain the fees and costs associated with accessing your property wealth. Fees are tailored to your individual circumstances however the maximum advice fee will be no more than £1842.

The best possible service

There is absolutely no time pressure with our service – our priority is to ensure you receive the best possible advice and service throughout.

Importantly, if your Private Client Adviser believes there is a better financial option for you at this time, he or she will tell you. It is all part of the Bower Promise.

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